Winter is here, and so is the new Lynx!
Posted on: December 6th, 2017 by Roy van Baarsen

A safe and reliable kite makes freeride snowkiting easy to get into and enables you to enjoy it to the fullest. With the Lynx we have built a reliable companion for freeride adventures.

Not just for intermediate kiters

A kite for seasoned veterans looking for a high wind engine and for those looking for a safe entry into the world of depower…no matter your skill level, the fourth version of the Peter Lynn Lynx is built to get you going with ease and confidence, right from the first time you launch.

Experience the crunching sound of virgin powder while you’re laying tracks on freshly snow covered terrain. The thrill of riding off the beaten tracks or the peace and silence of exploring outside busy ski resorts is within anyone’s grasp with the Lynx.

To provide riders a well balanced combination of stability and manoeuvrability the Lynx is an all-round freeride design which combines the easy going flying characteristics of a beginner kite with the quick turning and smooth power build up of a performance kite.


The Lynx is a medium Aspect Ratio, open cell depower foil with a 5th line safety, that offers plenty of smooth and controllable power and is very responsive to bar input.

The kite’s stability and superior flight characteristics make depower kiting easy and accessible in a wide variety of conditions. It is this stability and predictable flight behaviour that makes the Lynx perfectly suitable for experienced riders that need a safe high wind engine. Yet it is designed to be as easy and user friendly as possible to guarantee a great kiting experience even for riders just getting into the sport. This ease of use also makes it the perfect kite for teaching purposes!




What is new

To improve the Lynx’ responsiveness and turning speed we have fitted it with a freshly tuned, full Dyneema® bridle and a speed system featuring the proven and trusted Ronstan® Orbit pulleys.

As safety is paramount in any entry level depower kite we have incorporated a new ‘stop and go’ safety system. This safety guarantees 100% depower even in tricky conditions and a no hassle re-launch. The system can also be used to safely launch and anchor the kite if you need to take a break.

Further improvements towards the kite’s stability and superior flight characteristics can be found on the trailing edge. The TE is now reinforced with a stretch free material which results in a dimensionally stable wing and a clean airflow that further improves handling and performance.


The Kite comes in a fully functional and comfortable backpack that has ample room to spare for snacks and drinks. The complete package includes the Magnet bar; a 53cm bar which fits all 4 kite sizes and is equipped with a 5th line safety release, a reliable self landing handle, high quality Samson Dyneema leader lines and an above the bar clam cleat power adjuster.












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