Which winds can I ride in?
The all important factor in any kiting activity is of course, the wind. You can kite in almost any conditions but everything depends on your skill and, equally important, your kite. So the right choice of kite for you heavily depends on the winds you’ll be flying in and the right choice will determine how much fun you’ll have.

One of the best things to do before buying a kite is find out about your local conditions, the people riding there will know the best wind directions to play and they’ll know which kite sizes work best for the spot. Next to that there are numerous websites providing you with accurate weather predictions, study these not only to find out the averages for your location but also every time before you go out, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting down to the spot only to find out the wind isn’t any good for your kite.



Rough guide to snowkiting winds:

Light winds

below 7 knots – realistically this is not kiting weather, to get going you’ll need to invest heavily in a specialized wing. Experts only.


Good winds

7 to 16 knots – this range is the best range if you are starting out and perfectly suitable for most entry level kites. Everyone can have fun in this windrange, no matter your level.


Powerful winds

16 to 22 knots – Riding is getting exiting and you’ll need to know exactly what you’re doing. To have a safe ride you will need a depower kite with a reliable safety system. Intermediate level riders.


Storm winds

23 knots and over – Normally it is not recommended to go out in these conditions as things can go wrong very fast. Experts only!


Wind speed chart



Check out how windy your spot is