What kites from the Peter Lynn range can be used for snowkiting? Part 3

Part 3 – The experienced snow kiter!

Experience the crunching sound of virgin powder while you’re laying tracks on freshly snow covered terrain. The thrill of riding off the beaten tracks or the peace and silence of exploring outside busy ski resorts is within anyone’s grasp. What models of the Peter Lynn line up can be used for snowkiting? There is a wide variety of  models in the Peter Lynn line up that perfectly fit, basically every kite that generates tractions can be used, however we have some recommendation:


Find out what kite you should choose for snowkiting: – The experienced kiter!

Experienced – Speed, lightwind, Freestyle

When you are an experienced snowkiter and want to aim for highspeed and lightwind sessions you need to step up your game and aim for the highest performance kites possible. These feather light and technical advanced kites offer uncompromised racing performance and still offer ease of use. Riding in the lowest winds and maximize the time you can spend out there doing what you love most. If you are looking for incredible lift, float and boosting kites, you need a quick, direct and smooth turning kite that generates a lot of power.



Aero – Experienced – Speed and lightwind

The Aero is your ticket to sessions never before possible.

Performance is about responsiveness, precision, handling balance and most importantly; the riders experience. This is why we work tirelessly on perfecting our designs to match our heritage of class leading design, ease of use, assured stability and sophisticated craftsmanship. The Aero is an easy to use high performance foil, it does however require insight on how to fly these types of kites to prevent potentially dangerous situations. Even if you have the skills required, do not fly in weather conditions that are unpredictable or dangerous.


Whatever you ride, you want your focus to be on the ride ahead without having to worry about your kite. The Aero’s steering is precise and responsive, adding to depth of performance and the pilots sense of absolute control. Built with only high-tech, ultra-light weight materials the Aero performs in the lightest of breezes. The power of the kite is precisely regulated by pulling the bar, from that little bit extra you need to switch stance. Focused and poised to get your adrenalin pumping the Aero responds immediately. Designed with racing in mind the Aero is tuned as sharp as possible without sacrificing stability.


Available sizes: 7m²/9m²/11m²/14m²/17m²/20m²



Fury – Speed, Lightwind, Freestyle

The Fury is built with maximum performance in mind. This fantastic piece of engineering will maximise your jumps, provide you with massive airtime, have you screaming upwind and gets you riding at teeth grinding speeds. All of this insane performance is delivered in an easy, predictable and reliable way so that you will always feel in total control. The extremely rigid 5-strut frame combined with its high Aspect Ratio and high performance profile, make it the perfect tool for boosting big air and get amazing float.

Available sizes: 6m2 / 8m2 / 10m2 /13m2 /15m2 /17m2



Charger – Experienced Old school/all terrain

The Charger is designed to work in most conditions, its unbeaten stability makes it highly reliable and its shape and flexibility provide comfort even in unsteady winds.

A Peter Lynn Twinskin is the most stable kite for all conditions. Compared to tube kites, Twinskins have a much cleaner airflow around the wing. The Charger has an incredibly large windrange. The Charger can easily be tuned to personal preference or conditions.

The Chargers C-shape is beautifully balanced because there are no heavy parts, this is reflected in the kites superior stability in all conditions and of course the famous ‘auto zenith’. The flexibility of the wing absorbs gusts allowing you to have a comfortable ride even in uncomfortable conditions. The high-end performance is phenomenal, the Charger never gives you an unsafe feeling and keeps its outstanding performing. Its windrange is unequalled in its kind.

Available sizes: 6.5m²/ 8m²/ 10m²/12m²/15m²/18m²/22.5m²




LYNX – Beginner freeride – exploration

A safe entry into the world of snowkiting no matter your skill level, the Peter Lynn Lynx is built to get you going with ease and confidence, right from the first time you launch.

To provide riders a well balanced combination of stability and manoeuvrability the Lynx is an all-round freeride design which combines the easy going flying characteristics of a beginner kite with the quick turning and smooth power build up of a performance kite. The Kite comes in a fully functional and comfortable backpack that has ample room to spare for snacks and drinks. The complete package includes the Magnet bar; a 53cm bar which fits all 4 kite sizes and is equipped with a 5th line safety release, a reliable self landing handle, high quality Samson Dyneema leader lines and an above the bar clam cleat power adjuster.

Available sizes: 5m2 /7m2 / 9m2 /11m2




Leopard – Intermediate / experienced freeride and back country

The V3 Leopard is a Med/High AR, open cell depower foil with a 5th line safety, it’s lightweight construction make for a great low end while it’s stability inspires confidence even in more turbulent situations. The kite’s responsiveness and high flying speed make for an exciting ride every time you go out to play. The Leopard is delivered in a technical backpack that’s fitted with options you’d expect on an expedition pack and there’s more than enough room for your thermos bottle and some food.

Available sizes:  7m2/ /9m2/11m2/13,5m2