What kites from the Peter Lynn range can be used for snowkiting? Part 2

Part 2 – The advanced snow kiter!

Experience the crunching sound of virgin powder while you’re laying tracks on freshly snow covered terrain. The thrill of riding off the beaten tracks or the peace and silence of exploring outside busy ski resorts is within anyone’s grasp. What models of the Peter Lynn line up can be used for snowkiting? There is a wide variety of  models in the Peter Lynn line up that perfectly fit, basically every kite that generates tractions can be used, however we have some recommendation:


Find out what kite you should choose for snowkiting: – The advanced kiter!


Advanced / experienced freeride and back country

When you have some kiting experience with power kiting or kitesurfing, it is easier to get into the snowkiting sport. As an intermediate experienced kiter you want to go out in higher wind speeds, looking for more challenging exploration sessions, climb mountains or want to add jumps to the experience.

This demands for a versatile more performance kite. It has to be a fast flying,  quick turning, maneuverable powerhouse of a kite with a large wind range. Aiming for a jump you want to be ensure of some some lift and power for some air time and a safe landing.


The Leopard is the perfect kite for you!


Leopard Advanced / experienced freeride and back country

The V3 Leopard is a Med/High AR, open cell depower foil with a 5th line safety, it’s lightweight construction make for a great low end while it’s stability inspires confidence even in more turbulent situations.

The kite’s responsiveness and high flying speed make for an exciting ride every time you go out to play.

The Leopard is delivered in a technical backpack that’s fitted with options you’d expect on an expedition pack and there’s more than enough room for your thermos bottle and some food.


However It is the stability and predictable flight behaviour of the Lynx that makes it perfectly suitable for experienced riders that need a small and safe high wind engine to come along in the bag on kite adventures. Link Lynx


Kite that you already have.

Many snowkiters are originally kitesurfers and, therefore, it’s more likely to use an LEI kite which they already have instead of buying a new depower foil.