The winter of Thijs van Olphen
Posted on: June 1st, 2017 by Contributor

Water is getting warmer, trees greener, all signs that summer is coming. It’s the about time to meet up with Thijs van Olphen to talk about his journeys during the winter and his story behind some beautiful pictures:

norway 1

“Last winter was fantastic! In Februari we made a trip to snowkite walhalla the Hardangervidda where we set out for a week of camping, kiting and when the wind dies; man hauling. Our party of Dutch kitesurf enthousiast soon adapted to sub zero temperature’s and got a blast when the wind picked up. In a weeks period you have it all there, total white out, blue skies,  5 meter conditions up to the 17 meter Aero to get going. The Hardangervidda has become a yearly treat and I will definitely be back for more next year.

Norway 2

In April I joined my father to head of for Spitsbergen. My old man who has recently turned 73 years has been going there since the late sixties. The landscape is vast and ever changing, to move over the island you’re best off on a snow scooter. Camping out on Spitsbergen is a different game, during the night and when the sun just dips underneath the horizon we had to keep an eye out for polar bears while the temperatures dropped to minus 20 and below. However, the weather in the arctic is changing lately, fjords which are normal frozen are open water now. Glaciers are on the retreat. This evironment is vulnerable to the effects of global warming. A low pressure system was in our area and we had some great snow and wind conditions. As soon as we had set camp it was time to kite into the late eve with the sun up. Hard to describe in words…

sp 2

sp 4

sp 5

sp 6


Norway 3


norway 5

Sp 1

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