Swiss Snow kite Tour finals
Posted on: February 15th, 2018 by Roy van Baarsen

With the last tour stop of the Swiss snowkite tour done and dusted it was time to have a chat with Peter Lynn Teamriders Bruce Kessler and Felix Kersten and hear about their season so far.



The final stop of the tour was held at the Lukmanier pass. There is a lake and also a big backcountry spot making it the perfect place to race for the finals. We did the races at the lake in good conditions, cold temps and soft snow, perfect for the long speed skis. Winds were a bit gusty and I decided to go with my 14m Aero.


“It felt great to come back strong after my horrible results at Lake Resia, I was able to show my skill and win every race! Super stoked with my trophees!”

My equipment worked very well, I managed to win each race but Felix and Ronny were never far behind and we had some good fights. I am very happy to have come back so strongly after the bad result at the World cup. And I am stoked to have achieved my goal of becoming Swiss Champion. I would like to say a big thank you to Kite-Events for organising the Swiss Snowkite Tour!



The World Cup was a bit of a disaster for me as I accidently released my kite right before the start of the long distance race. I was the last to cross the starting line but I had good speed on the upwind stretch and could pass many of the other competitors. I crossed the south buoy in 4th position and finished the first round in 3rd. From then on I managed to maintain this position. I think I have to be satisfied with my 3rd place even with a bad start. The second race day of the World Cup wasn’t any better. It seems I ran out of luck as I crashed my kite twice and broke a line which forced me to go out with a smaller kite. So pretty much underpowered I could make it to 4th place twice. I crashed again and ended up with an 18th place overall. Not really what I was aiming for but that how it goes.


Meanwhile; fellow teamrider Felix, Swiss Snowkite tour Champion 2017 – 2018 Was nowhere to be found during the price giving ceremony…


Where’s Felix Kersten?

Felix finished in second place in three races and third in one at the last tour stop firmly cementing his lead.

Felix: “I made a huge mistake leaving my speedski’s  at home. Next time I’ll just bring all my ski’s

After the races I wanted to do a little freeriding since the conditions were just perfect, We decided to ride up to the summit unfortunately we sort of forget the time and didn’t anticipate on the time it took to get back. After reaching the summit we decided to ride down without kites but we didn’t really know the route and it already began to get dark. In the end we were quite lucky getting back right in time before the road closed and complete darkness. Stupidly we missed the prize ceremony because of the long way back. Sorry to all who attended the event, we didn’t want to be back so late!”


Both are looking forward to the upcoming events and the Red Bull Ragnarok!


LUKMANIER Master Men Ski
1. Bruce Kessler (SUI)
2. Felix Kersten (D)
3. Ronny Bollhalder (Ronny Michael) (SUI)

SSKT Championship (17/18)

Master Men Ski
1. Felix Kersten (D) 
2. Bruce Kessler (SUI)
3. Oliver Willi (SUI)

SWISS Champion 17/18
Master Men Ski
1. Bruce Kessler 
2. Oliver Willi
3. Martin Christoph Schütz


Felix Kersten (Germany): Swiss Snowkite tour champion(1st) , 2nd on LUKMANIER race

Bruce (Suisse): Swiss Snowkite tour Vice Champion (2nd) 1st on Lukmanier races, Swiss Snowkite Champion




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