Snow kite events

This year will see an increased number of events that are organised! The snowkiting discipline has a very diverse range of contest systems and event formats. Here are a few of the competitions and event formats that are out there:


Course Races

Traditional course races are mostly organised on “flat” spots or frozen lakes. These races are all about speed, a fast kite and a good strategy to handle a technical course with sharp turns or challanging upwind legs. The first rider that crosses the finish line is the winner! Course races can be single events or a serie of events or races that will ultimatly crown the fastest kiter of the competition.You will not be suprised to find the Peter Lynn Aero in the hands of the top riders in the Leagues as this is indeed a very fast kite. The Swiss snowkite tour as an example of a serie of events that crown a national champion.


Extreme course races

Snowkiting is often called three dimensional kiting, as hills and mountains bring in an extra element to the sport and so the competition scene. Some course races are more extreme due to its fast distances between the buoys or markers or to the extreme differences in altitude and conditions. Examples are the renowned Ragnarok in Norway or the Roccaraso event in Italy.

Peter Lynn Teamrider Bruce Kessler came in 2nd in the Red Bull Ragnarok of 2017.

The Roccaraso event has a pretty fresh approach: there is no fixed route and each rider (rigged with a GPS system) has to gain as much kilometer and altitude variations as possible in set times. The factor of altitude changes is a big influence in the final score.



Multiple day expedition competitions

Events like Pake or Vake (¬†Varanger Arctic¬†Kite Expedition, Norway) are inspiring multiple day snowkite expeditions where teams battle to arrive first at a specific location. These well experienced teams often cross big distances while towing a sledges with equipement to make camp. During the expedition competitors walk or snowkite 300 up to 500 kilometers in 4 days, depending on snow and weather conditions. Therefor it is one of the World’s longest snowkite endurance races. The teams need to qualify based on their polar winter survival experience and kiting experience to complete the 4 day self support journey.


Teamrider and adventurer Eric Leegwater undertook several multiple day expeditions. Read his experiences in one of his blog reports:




Freeride events and testifals

Besides all the hardcore actions as described above there are also more and more well organised (mulitple day) freeride events and testifals. These events are very beginner snowkiter friendly and often offer the possibility to take lessons or test the latest models from supporting brands.


Organised Snow kite trips

Even more interesting are the well organised snow kite trips. More and more organised trips are offered to the most stunning snowkite locations such as Norway, Zweden and the Alps. New to this list is a completly prepared and organised trip to the hidden gem of snowkiting such as Montenegro or the Reschensee.


Overview of Events:


Snow kite deluxe Vol.9 – Reschensee From 20.1.2018 to 4.2.2018

A two week during snowkite festival that is suitable for beginners to advanced and professional kiters. The event is action and fun packed with extra activities such as horse sleigh rides, night rodeling, expeditions, kite lessons and downwinders. After a day of action you can retreat in a luxurious accommodation with a swimming pool and sauna. Bring your own gear or rent the latest kites at the location. Come and test the latest Peter Lynn snowkites or have a pro clinic with Red Bull Ragnarok winner Felix Kersten!

Check the website for more information