Game changing simplicity
Single Skin Kites
At Peter Lynn we continuously strive to come up with fresh, new ideas to make kiting more accessible and enjoyable than ever before. With this goal Peter Lynn himself and Michel Dekker (foilkite designer at Peter Lynn Kitesports) set the challenge among themselves to design the most game changing power kite to date. Some of the requirements were; lightwind performance, virtually indestructible, easy to fly, safe to use, and above all, it had to be simple to make to keep it affordable. In short: a kite as bombproof as the NPW kites from back in the day yet with the comfortable and efficient flight characteristics of modern fixed bridle foils.
The obvious solution to making a foilkite bombproof is to eliminate the weakest trait… Conventional foilkites can burst upon heavy impact because the air inside the kite can’t escape. So it was quickly recognized that the bottom skin had to go, creating a single skin. To get the single skin design to the point where we were confident about every aspect, we needed the kites to be stable and reliable without the addition of complex bridle systems. In September 2014 late stage prototypes were put through a rigorous test of functionality and durability; a 2600Km kite buggy expedition across the barren lands of Mongolia, where the single skins proved their excellence in general handling & ease of use, ultra light wind performance and compact & lightweight packing. After two years of intense development and finetuning, we now proudly present the Uniq series; three uniquely different single skin kites that all offer a kiting experience unlike anything to date.

Uniq, the perfect start into the exhilarating world of traction kiting.

The Uniq Series is purposely built for the discerning enthusiast who wants an easy and reliable way to get into the sport. The Uniq kites offer a somewhat sedated performance level compared to normal foilkites, giving the beginning flyer the chance to get acquainted with powerkite performance in a safe and controllable way. Next to this these Single skin kites have a smaller wind window than ‘regular’ foilkites which makes it incredibly easy to learn all basic kite controls, be it 2, 3 or 4 line control.

Game changing simplicity

The UNIQ single skin series consists of three diff­erent models. Each model is supremely easy to fly and delivers instant power even in the lightest breeze. They are stable and reliable without complex control systems. Yet the first and foremost advantage of the Uniq kites is that they are practically indestructible. Besides this they pack compactly and weigh a lot less than conventional foil kites; not only because they are made with less material, but also because they are 40-60% more powerful for the same size. Last but not least, Uniq kites do not collect any sand that may a­ffect flying.

Some of the UNIQ advantages are:

  • virtually indestructible.
  • Incredible windrange.
  • Supremely easy to fly.
  • Great performance, more pull per size than any comparable ram air foil while needing much less wind.
  • A lift to drag ratio that is easily equivalent to modern foils, excellent handling and instant power.
  • No overflying, no collapsing or luffing, ever.