Free your style
Escape V5

Free your style

The Escape is built for ambitious and experienced riders who seek to amp up their riding to more extreme levels.
The V5 Escape is a hard poppin’, big boostin’ freestyle machine that combines the best traits of multiple LEI design shapes into one. The result is a modern C-shape design that delivers its explosive power in a smooth and controllable way and offers performance for both hooked & unhooked freestyle tricks. Its deep profile gives the kite a lot of grunt without sacrificing the upwind performance. This ensures you can stay in the competition box to perform more tricks during your heat.
To show off the Escapes performance, we’ve chosen the 2016 Red Bull King of the Air competition in South Africa for the Escapes first public appearance. It was at the KOTA that Willem van der Meij put the kite through its passes and showed the world that the V5 Escape jumps massive and loops like a rollercoaster.


Intuitive handling and kite feedback

Feel where your kite is at all times

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The Escape’s smooth power and predictable handling give the rider a feeling of trust and control that inspires confidence from the first launch. The 4-strut design offers balanced distribution of power. The big strutless centre piece gives the kite loads of grunt while the squared wingtips offer direct and powerful steering. The excellent bar feedback let’s riders feel in control and allows more experienced riders to place the kite exactly where they need it to utilize it’s power to the fullest.

Direct and responsive steering

Precise and direct turning

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The Escape’s minimal, pulley less bridle makes the kite respond directly to steering input making it easy to place the kite exactly where you need it. The short bridle makes the Escape turn quick and tight making it easy to bust out kiteloops and it also makes it easy to work the kite in lower winds so you can get out earlier.

Large usable windrange

The Escape performs throughout a large windrange

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The Escape’s adjustable bridle settings and bar pressure give the kite a huge windrange. In lower winds it is easy to get going due to its lightweight construction and in high winds the Escape remains stable and predictable. Get out sooner and hold on longer, the big strutless centre of canopy gives you the grunt and stability to fly in a wide range of conditions

Freestyle oriented performance

Explosive pop & extreme vertical boost

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The Escape’s open C-shape gives the kite huge amounts of power when you send it for a jump


Sizes + recommended bar:

  • Escape   5m2 – Navigator Xtra Small
  • Escape   7m2 – Navigator Small
  • Escape   9m– Navigator Small
  • Escape  11m2 – Navigator Small
  • Escape  13m2 – Navigator Small or Medium


The Escape is delivered ‘kite only’ or complete, containing:

  • Escape kite
  • Escape backpack
  • Escape inner bag
  • Repair kit
  • Peter Lynn 4-line LEI Instruction manual
  • Navigator SL (complete version only)
  • 350/350daN Dyneema® flying lines (complete version only)
  • Safety leash (complete version only)

Please note that kite pumps are sold separately.

Escape colour combinations:

  • Orange
  • Blue

Control bar:


emptybutton manual dealer-locator
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Its C-shaped design gives it the ideal freestyle and wakestyle performing profile. Completing the package with great line slack, explosive pop, great hang time and soft landings, makes the Escape V5 the ultimate freestyle machine that can pull you through some serious megaloops

Solid power through turns, absence of backstall and an intuitive & responsive feel make the Escape an excellent choice for the competing rider.
The Escape can handle a lot of wind and can be pushed in its higher wind range by the expert hands.

The Escape is also built for ambitious riders who want a kite that pops hard and boosts big, the Escape is the ultimate freestyle and freeride machine that delivers its power in a stabile and predictable manner. This allows you to become the rider you want to be and progress with success.

Its smooth & predictable handling and its controllable lift & boost, give the rider a feeling of confidence right from the first time they launch it. Multiple trim options make the kite suitable for a wide array of skill levels while giving it an incredible performance range.

The stable 4-strut design provides good grunt, lift and boost while the squared wingtips ensure fast and direct turning with a solid bar feeling. Boost your confidence and riding skill with a kite that lets you enjoy every aspect of kiteboarding in total control, comfort and confidence.