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Passion makes us fly

Welcome to the world of Peter Lynn, a wind driven world where our passion for kitesports fuels our desire to deliver the best kites for any kiting discipline. At Peter Lynn we are kiteflyers at heart, and have been for over four decades, which makes us one of the oldest and most trusted kite brands in the world.

Our mission is to make all kite disciplines accessible and enjoyable for everyone. From kiteboarding to powerkiting and everything in between. It is in this spirit that we offer such a complete and uniquely wide variety of high quality kites and related products that suit all ages, all skill levels and all passions.

About Peter Lynn Kitesports

Peter Lynn Kitesports and Vliegerop BV
Peter Lynn Kitesports is owned and operated by the Netherlands based holding company Vliegerop BV; an international company active in fun- and extreme sports. Peter Lynn Kitesports is the brand that covers all Peter Lynn traction kiting products, from LEI (tube) kites, Twinskin kites and foil kites to kite buggies and accessories. At Peter Lynn Kitesports we have our own development team, with dedicated designers for both water- and land kites and accessories. International sales and marketing as well as other key functions within the Peter Lynn organisation, such as warehousing, administration and customer service are also based in the Netherlands.

Peter Lynn has been taking challenges from the early days of the sport. Challenges to come with better products, invent new solutions, improve performance and build superior quality in every aspect of those products. We bring kites for all kite disciplines, for all terrains, for all conditions. All this come forth from a passionate crew of kite sports enthusiasts and we invite you to join us. It’s that passion that makes us fly.


Peter Lynn Kitesports – One brand, All disciplines.


Who is Peter Lynn?

Peter Lynn himself (Born 1946) is a New Zealand kitemaker, engineer and inventor.

Lynn established his kite business in 1973. In 1987 he began developing power kites for traction kiting purposes and buggies. He is renowned for the invention and popularisation of kite buggying and is considered to be one of the founding fathers of power kiting and kitesurfing.

Peter Lynn himself_sephia

Where do the Peter Lynn kites come from?

All Peter Lynn traction kites are developed in the Netherlands. Peter Lynn Kitesports is a brand by Vliegerop; a company founded in 1977 and based in the Netherlands. They own the exclusive licence to develop, manufacture and distribute products globally under the Peter Lynn brand name. This concerns products for kitesurfing, buggying and any other traction kiting related activities.

So Peter Lynn Kitesports is Dutch?

Yes, all products are designed at Peter Lynn Kitesports in the Netherlands (The Hague). All international activities are managed from this location; product management, marketing, administration and customer service. The central warehouse is also based here.


Is Peter Lynn himself still involved?

Yes, to a certain extent. Peter Lynn himself is still focussed on coming up with breakthrough ideas in the field of traction kiting. So whenever he may have developed a totally new concept related to the traction kites field he will share it with Peter Lynn Kitesports and let us explore its potential.

When I Google Peter Lynn, I also find Peter Lynn Kites Ltd in New Zealand?

Yes that’s right and that might be confusing. They own a licence for the single line kites. Furthermore they are distributing Peter Lynn traction kites, bought from Peter Lynn Kitesports, in the NZ market. They are not designing traction kites for commercial purposes by themselves.

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