Why go snowkiting

Why is Snowkiting the fastest growing winter sport activity?


Hugely popular!

Snowkiting experienced a significant increase in popularity during the past few years. Due to crowded slopes and expensive lift tickets winter enthusiasts are searching for new and unexplored paths to discover.

Especially among experienced skiers and snowboarders this relatively new sport has become a beloved outdoor activity. It takes you away from the mass, overpriced resorts and brings you back to nature. Snowkiting can literally be done everywhere, take it to a big field or the hills, go climb mountains, explore the backcountry or race the lakes.

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A one time investment

To get you started all you need is a basic snowboard or ski set-up, a one-time investment in a (de)powerkite and a harness. Wait till the snow starts falling and you are good to go! With the slightest breeze you can already ride with the winds and have a fun and non-stop adrenaline rush. Whether you are just going for a cruise or trying to stick the most complicated freestyle maneuvers, snowkiting has it all!

When you start to snowkite it will also open up the possibility to take up kiteboarding! Compared to kiteboarding, snowkiting is much easier to learn and more accessible. You can start on a flat surface with minimum wind, using a small trainer kite and a snowboard or pair of skis. Because there is hardly any resistance when gliding over the snow you will already be moving with the slightest breeze. Everybody can snowkite!

Snowkiting is for everyone

Whether you’re young or old, male or female, everyone can learn how to snowkite. All you need is a kite and pair of skis or snowboard. Add some wind and snow and you’re ready to go. One of the main reasons why snowkiting is so accessible, is the low risk. You can practice on flat surfaces covered by a thick layer of snow with minimum wind speed. Once people get the hang of it, a new world opens up to them.





Enjoying the Freedom

Isn’t it beautiful to be surrounded by mountains covered with fresh snow? Snowkiting gives you freedom and the ability to explore the mountains in an incredible way. You can basically go anywhere you want by flying your kite. Climbing up any mountain up to 45 degrees is challenging, but certainly feasible. Once you’re up there, you may continue discovering uphill or snowboard/ski downwards. Whether it’s flat or hilly, a kite can literally extend your boundaries.


Snowkiting definitely opens up a new world for you! You can reach significant speeds, climb mountains, jump and glide. Go out there and explore beautiful places with your kite. No lift or parking tickets needed anymore.