European MTB contest 2014
Posted on: April 24th, 2014 by admin

19 & 20 April, Dunkerque, France


Last weekend the very best landboarders from France, Germany, England and the Netherlands gathered at the Dunkerque Flysurfing Club for the first round of the European Championships.

The event started Saturday morning with a riders briefing after which everyone went out to get their gear ready and warm up. First on the schedule were two heats of racing, the race was a simple 5km straight run. As always it was great to see a big fleet of kites at the start.

After the races the wind started to pick up and the conditions were pretty good for the freestyle competition everyone came for.

Before the masters had to start it was time for the junior rounds, Peter Lynn young gun Max Lux was throwing his best and as always it was a close fight between him and Pascal Schmidt who proved too strong this time. Still a well deserved 2nd place for Max.

After that the first elimination rounds were held and both PL riders Romain Feaux and Antoine Fallot got through without too much trouble.

By then the tide was coming in quickly so the competition was paused.

With the incoming tides the wind also picked up and by the time the beach was dry again we had 20 to 25knots, awesome conditions for some sick riding.

Big airs, huge handlepasses and powerful kiteloops made it a spectacle to behold

Due to the time (it was already evening) the rest of the elimination heats was planned for Sunday.

Sunday morning didn’t look good, very low winds which quickly exhausted those who had to compete, finally the call was made by the (very competent) jury to put everything on hold until the wind came back.

It wasn’t till around 1 in the afternoon where we finally had ‘some’ wind, not really enough for a good comp but results were needed.

All the competitors had their biggest kites out and were using the gusts to pull off some tricks.

Antoine was anxious to ride against Emmanuel Norman as he was sure he could deliver, which he did!

By throwing some fresh tricks he ensured his victory against one of the favourites, just before the heat was over however, his luck turned, he crashed a landing and broke his arm, putting him out of the competition, which was very unfortunate because he would have made it a long way up the ranking.

The last couple heats were between some of the best and most experienced riders and even though the wind was low and cross offshore (read: wind sucked) they all showed awesome skills.

All in all a great weekend was had by all, and it was awesome to see all riders being such a great community.

Get well soon Tonio, we’re proud of you dude!

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