Designer notes

Lead foilkite designer, Michel Dekker.


“I just love the feeling and excitement of riding at high speeds with the action and direct controls of a fixed bridle kite. Being able to regulate the brake line pressure opens up an extra dimension in going faster and pushing yourself and your kite to the limit. This feeling of full control and being perfectly in tune with your kite is what makes racing with fixed bridle kites so special.
Because 4-line handle kites are so direct and responsive they are much more exciting and challenging to race with than any other type of kite. For me, the most fun comes from choosing the perfect line and flying your kite just right. Getting the most speed and performance out of the kite on any given course by being in complete control of your kite is the most satisfying feeling in racing.
To improve the Vapor was no easy task to say the least, obviously I wanted to make it even faster but I was also looking for more comfort, excitement and ease of use. And most importantly, it had to excel even in less than ideal wind conditions.
vapor (9)
To achieve the goals I have set, the Vapor had to be reinvented, and to get the final kite to perform the way that was intended, the different prototypes had to be extensively tested. Luckily we have some of the finest and toughest buggy pilots on the team, all guys with a lot of experience in varying conditions throughout Europe and their help and feedback was definitely invaluable. But with all teamriders being so used to their current generation Vapors, it certainly took a few laps for them to really get a feel for this new design, which in itself isn’t such a bad thing as it meant more riding for them :-).
The result of countless hours of riding in all kinds of conditions is definitely not ‘just’ an improved 2nd generation, it is a very smooth and exceptionally rigid wing. It is this rigidity that allows very precise pressure regulation and this pressure builds more gradually when applying the brake lines, which in turn allows the pilot to go faster on upwind tacks and keep a more efficient line.
Besides this drastically improved brake line response you really notice the kites rigidity when rounding a buoy to change course, because it holds its shape very well it builds pressure a lot faster giving you better acceleration.
The new Vapor also has less sideway pull and more forward pull which allows the pilot to fly a bigger size and hold the kite longer while remaining safe and in full control.
It is a real change that will push pilots, and perhaps even the sport, to a new level. And I hope that kite buggiers around the world will enjoy the kite as much as I, and our teamriders(!) have enjoyed making this new Vapor a reality.”