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Peter Lynn Lynx

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The Lynx is a medium aspect ratio, open cell depower foil with a 5th line safety that makes back country exploring easy, due to its user friendliness and versatility. The kite has a very predictable and smooth power delivery and it offers great turning speed to allow for quick redirects or to get going even in lighter winds. Its superb stability and controllable power build-up make the Lynx a great kite for those starting out while its acceleration and snappy controls allow for the confidence to make quick progression. And its performance in higher winds will put a smile on the face of even the most experienced riders.


Predictable and quick turning

A lot of our attention while designing this depower foil went into the right and comfortable steering behaviour without losing the agility of the kite.

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The Lynx is easy and fast enough to get up to speed in lower winds.

Superb stability

Stability is one of the key elements of all Peter Lynn kites and is therefore one of the characteristics that define the kites intended behaviour.

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To accomplish this the Lynx has been extensively tested and adjusted in the most extreme conditions. The profiles used in the Lynx give the kite the stability required in an all round and adventurous kite.

Agile but easy to control

Pull in the bar and feel the smooth power build up and acceleration of the Lynx.

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The power build up is predictable and easy to control. Intermediate and even advanced riders will like this kite for its fast acceleration, quick turning and its performance in strong winds.

Accessible and user friendly

The Lynx forgiving nature and ease of use makes it the perfect snowkite for riders of all skill levels.

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The Lynx comes with a comfortable self landing handle that allows you to release or land the kite without having to deal with a lot of power. This makes it a very accessible and fun kite for all riders.



The Lynx is available in the following sizes:

5m², 7m², 9m² & 11m²



The Lynx is available as ‘kite only’ or complete, containing:

  • Lynx depower kite
  • Lynx backpack
  • Peter Lynn 5th line depower kite manual
  • Magnet control bar (complete version only)
  • 350/350daN Dyneema® flying lines (complete version only)
  • Safety leash (complete version only)

There is 1 colour combination available per size:

  • Lynx  5m– Red/aqua
  • Lynx  7m2 – Lime/aqua
  • Lynx  9m2 – Orange/aqua
  • Lynx 11m2 – Blue/aqua

Control bar:



emptybutton kitefinder manual dealer-locator

With the Lynx we wanted to design a kite which enables riders to enjoy free ride snowkiting to the fullest.

We feel that a free ride open cell depower foil has to be accessible and offer reliable performance in a wide variety of conditions. It has to offer quick and responsive controls without sacrificing the stability you need to enjoy endless fresh powder sessions comfortably and in full control.


To create a kite that offers a stable platform with the right and comfortable steering behaviour the Lynx has been extensively tested and adjusted in the most extreme conditions. A lot of attention went into getting the right bar pressure, turning speed and overall agility.

Stability is one the key elements in any Peter Lynn kite design and is therefore one of the characteristics that define the kite’s intended flying behaviour and performance. The profiles in the Lynx offer a well balanced mix of manoeuvrability and stability, while its Dynacore bridle offers precise and responsive control.


The 2015 Lynx comes in an exclusive and convenient backpack which offers enough space for an extra kite or any other kit you might want to bring. The complete package includes the Magnet bar; a 53cm bar which fits all 4 kite sizes and is equipped with a reliable self landing handle, high quality Samson Dyneema leader lines and an above the bar clam cleat power adjuster.