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Last weekend saw the Kitebuggy EuroCups on the Dutch Island of Texel, Fast Arie (NL) and Jan Laurens (DE) report;

Arjen v/d Tol;

Finally there was another Eurocup on the program, and with three nationalities we had a great racing weekend.

At the Eurocups 2 groups were made up out of all the classes, the top half of the ranking was designated ‘gold fleet’ and the bottom half the ‘silver fleet’.

Out of the Peter Lynn teamriders Eric Leegwater (Vapor), Jeroen Potters (12m Aero Concept) and Carl Lennart Redecker (9m Aero Concept) qualified for the gold fleet and after 4 races they showed promising results even though Jeroen had to forfeit one of the races.


I myself qualified for the silver fleet together with Jan Laurens Redecker and in the first race I had a headstart over the rest oft he fleet. Unfortunately I ended up UNDER my buggy during the first lap. After getting back in the buggy I continued the race and still ended up third. Did the second race with the same set up and again finished third.

For race no. 3 I let some air out of my tyres which proved a lot better but unfortunately disaster struck when I was in second position. The brace on my harness broke, obviously this made it pretty much impossible to hold down a 9m Aero Concept in 25 knots…

Jan Laurens4

In race no. 4 anything that could go wrong did go wrong, First I ended up in a tangle with a bunch of other pilots at the first bouy and after that I overlooked one of the poles on the beach and tangled my kite in it. And to make matters worse I crashed into another pilot who suddenly changed his course. After all this I again had a catch up race, fortunately the Aero‘s are fast and I managed to take the 5th place afteral. That meant a place in the gold fleet for me and also for Jan Laurens Redecker.

On Sunday the silver fleet was first up, the winners out of the two races also qualified for the gold fleet.

Since it was less windy than the Saturday, all oft he Peter Lynn Team pilots were on the 12m Aero Concept, except ofcourse Eric who is still on his Vapors.


Another headstart for me in the first race, but even set to full power the 9m wasn’t big enough so I was passed by a couple other pilots.

Jan Laurens ended up 5th, Eric did a good job and ended 6th (after a great duel that even proceeded into the technical zone..) Carl Lennart made it to 11th place and Jeroen had some bad luck and finished 20th.


The second race started badly for me (15th position at the first bouy) but having a fast kite meant I could move up with relative ease. Of course I was already calculating my final position and by seeing Eric ride in third position I knew I had to finish in 5th position to have a chance on a podium place before Eric. With some luck I gained 4th position in the last lap…

So Bamm! Podium for me!

Awesome weekend all in all, a huge thanks tot he BCH for organising and thanks to Peter Lynn Kitesports and XXtreme for their support.


Arjen ´Fast Arie´ v/d Tol


Jan Laurens Redecker;

EuroCup Texel

On Friday last week my brother Calle and I went to Texel for the first time in order to attend the Eurocup races. After a long journey we arrived at Friday night.
With pilots from three nations attending (Netherlands, Scotland and Germany) the races became international.

On Saturday the weather conditions were perfect. Because of the blue sky and lots of wind it was a nice day at the beach.  Due to the variety of pilots there were two qualification groups.
Calle qualified in group A by ending up in the top 10 in all four races. In my first qualification race I was lifted out of my buggy due to the fact that another pilot crashed his kite into mine. It was possible for me to come back up ending on the eleventh place. In the other three races I was on the 4th place. In both groups Calle and I qualified for the “Gold fleet” using the 9m Aero Concept.


On Sunday the weather conditions were great as well. Again a beautiful blue sky but it was less windy. Therefore Calle and I took the 12m Aero Concept for the final races. In the finals Calle landed on a 11th place in the first race and on a 9th place in the second. The first “final” race was really good for me. The 12m Aero has been the perfect size so I ended up on a 5th place. The result of the second race was less good than the first but also okay. I ended up on the 8 place by a margin of 1m to Calle.
In the overall Ranking Calle landed on the 11th place and I was under the top 10 on the 6th place.


It was a really nice weekend on a beautiful Dutch island. It is always a fun to compete with the polite pilots from the Netherlands. Calle and I will surely attend the next Eurocup and of course some more of the Dutch races.
Many thanks to Peter Lynn for the great support!

See you next time, Jan Laurens & Carl Lennart Redecker


Picture credits: William Pelgrim and Marc ten Brink

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