British buggy team claims podium
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The British Peter Lynn kitebuggy team claims the podium after another succesful season of kitebuggying. James Martin was crowned winner of the last race of the season and reports:

“We held 4 races on saturday for the final round of the 2016 championship, I chose the Peter Lynn Aero 12m for all races as the wind was picking up in every race so I made use of the de-power ability, this decision worked perfectly giving me 1st place in all 4 races.

Race 4 was my absolute favourite as the 12 was fully depowered and I was having to fight it, its was a very fast and enjoyable last race and a great way to finish the season. And even better; Yet again a Peter Lynn top 3 overall, Ryan Mcgavin in 1st place using his Aero’s, myself in the 2nd spot using an Aero/Vapor 2 mix and Adrian Lavelle finishing in 3rd position staying on the Vapor 2 all season.

2017 should be interesting with the European championships being in the UK… ”

Overall podium

Fixed Vs Depower the 2016 PKA season

Adrian Lavelle: “This season was an interesting season from a comparison point of view, the new pretender depower v’s the latest generation fixed bridal. The UK Peter Lynn team had the opportunity to test the latest race kites against each other in a mixture of wind and beach conditions.

I have been true to my roots and have continued on the fixed bridal for the 2016 season and I am still convinced that on technical courses the Vapor 2 has the edge over any depower available on the market, the Achilles heel is when changeable conditions occur and that’s when the bigger wind range on the depower becomes a big advantage. In my opinion the pure flying experience of using the Vapor 2 is a huge part of buggying and the adrenalin defiantly hits harder on the fixed bridal.

All in all it has been a fantastic English championship and there is one clear conclusion Peter Lynn is developing and producing the fastest kites on the market with the top 3 pilots all flying Peter Lynn kites. Congratulations to Ryan in securing his first championship and big thanks to Michel Dekker and James Martin for all their hard effort developing the latest race kites.

This year’s PKA results can be found at ”

Last day ranking

Tour Champion


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