Aero claims podium places
Posted on: May 1st, 2017 by Roy van Baarsen

The Peter Lynn Aero is getting up to steam by winning races in France and the United kingdom, in both countries the podium was filled by Peter Lynn team riders.



“First French Kite Buggy “Grand Prix” where the Aeros competed and impressed ! The kiters ran 2 rounds and Benjamin Fourtanier, brandnew team rider at Peter Lynn, won both of them with a wide gap on all the other pilots.


Benjamin Fourtanier;  “The onshore wind, quite light, allowed Ben to use the Aero UL 17.0 and win the race. This victory puts Benjamin on top of the current ranking of the French 2017  championship. “


Damien Rivals; “Im very happy with my new kites, I managed to finished 3rd in the overall ranking. There was no time for me to changes sizes after a practise round so I used the 17m Aero for the first race. I soon found out that I was over powered because of the sudden change of wind. For the second race I used the 14m Aero and came in third place. Many thanks to Peter Lynn for their support.”






United Kingdom

Adrien Lavelle; “Peter Lynn Aero it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


First impressions were excellent, the stability, performance and control all above my expectations


Finally the English PKA 2017 national race series managed to host the first racing of the year at the third round in Brean, the forecast for the weekend looked pretty dismal with wind predicted to be around 3mph but the dedicated fleet still attended and was rewarded with some fantastic conditions.


Saturday arrived and as predicted there was no wind but fortunately the weather was improving the sun was out and the fleet had it fingers crossed for the magical thermal onshore breeze and the weather gods were kind, by midday we had achieved minimum wind speed and the racing was on.


This was only the 2nd flight of the new Aero for Matt Job and myself and the 1st time we had flown the 14m, I opted for 18m lines as the wind was light and the extra length would help deliver more power, first impressions were excellent the stability, performance and control all above my expectations. At the beginning of the first race I could happily chat with the fleet and the kite was stable with little to no input. I managed to get across the line in 5th but both Matt and Ryan had excellent starts and were in 1st and 2nd, by the end of the lap I had made my way to 3rd and was catching the leaders, I managed to overtake Mat on lap 2 on the fast leg back to the start gate and by the last lap was within 2 meters of Ryan in 1st.


The 2nd race was very similar but Matt, Ryan and myself swapped 1st a couple of times but the outcome was the same with Ryan just piping me to the finish by meters.


By the third race Ryan and Matt had decided to drop to the 11m and I had dropped my line length to 15m, I had a better start but was 3rd with Ryan in 1st, Tommy Greason 2nd and Matt in 4th, on the 2nd lap I saw a gap to undercut Tommy on a tack but unfortunately as Matt approached the same tack we tangled and we both dropped out of the top 10 allowing Ryan and Tommy to take 1st and 2nd respectively.


The tide was approaching fast as we started the last race and at the first mark we only had a buggy’s width between it and the sea, again I was top 5 in through the start be we had to line up for the 1st mark, this meant the 2nd mark the one I had previously tangled at was busy with buggy’s but we all got through cleanly. The tighter race course meant overtaking was more challenging, by the end of the 2nd lap I was 3rd behind Matt and he seemed to have the widest buggy in the fleet but on the approach to the last mark I passed, Ryan had a lead of 200m so the win was out of the question but on the last lap I cut his lead by ½.


Check out the Video From Mark Coombs below, SWATKS (South and West Association of Traction Kiting) home spot Brean Beach.

PKA ROUND 3 BREAN from Mark Coombs on Vimeo.

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