Spare parts
As with all consumables there is always the chance of parts wearing out, whether it is due to extreme use or old age, sometimes you need to replace things to keep riding safely and responsibly. To ensure you can keep going Peter Lynn offers almost any part imaginable for replacement, from pumps to pulleys and from bladders to bags, if it wears out it is replaceable. Please contact your dealer for more information.*Note that we do not stock or have available any parts or replacements for products older than 5 years.

Depower Control bar parts

The Navigator SL & TS and the Magnet control bars have been designed in a way that each individual part is easily replaced.


clean bar
Single pulley VPC

Twinskin Compact sticks

Every Peter Lynn Twinskin kite is equipped with a pair of foldable sticks.

If you need to replace your Compact sticks you can find the right length in the Complete overview of stick sizes dating back to the original Phantom 2004.

New chickenloop / push away safety

This new chickenloop will be delivered as standard on all Navigator SL LEI bar systems, and will be phased in on all other bars, ie. Navigator TS and the Magnet.

Should you want to upgrade your Navigator bar with the new push away release you can download the manual or check out the video.


2014 chickenloop