Other kite accessories
Next to Control bars, handles, harnesses and spreaderbars, Peter Lynn offers some other accessories to make your kiting life easy.

Kite pump

Pump up your Peter Lynn LEI fast and easy with this 2 way pump. Note that this pump is sold separately and not included in the LEI package’s.


Kitelines are your connection to the kite and for any steerable kite you want this connection to be as direct as possible. To this end we offer high quality, pre-stretched Dyneema® line sets.

These lines are all have a coloured coating for easy recognition and to protect the fibers from UV radiation, salt and sand.

Peter Lynn line-sets have stitched sleeves and are available in different lengths and strengths.

Gear bag07

Gear pack pro

The Gear pack pro is the perfect solution for any kiteflyer who wants to carry all kiting equipment in one bag. The Gear pack is fitted with a whole range of features that help you keep your gear nicely sorted out and protected, it has a volume of approximately 145 liters which is more than enough room to carry your complete quiver complete with accessories.

  • Large packing staps to either compress the bag when not fully stuffed or to carry your board, ski’s and other equipment outside of the backpack.
  • Front zippers to easily access the main compartiment.
  • Pocket for wet or dirty gear to keep equipment like harnesses or wetsuits separate from the main compartiment.
  • Quality materials and construction, the Gear pack pro is designed by kiters for kiters.
  • Many pockets to keep items such as your valuables or camera protected.
  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps and back support

Sand & snow bag

The sand & snowbag comes standard with all Peter Lynn Twinskin kites but is very useful when you are kiting inland or on snow.

Simply fill it up and use it to secure your kite when you’re setting up.





A highly visible bright orange groundstake to peg down your kite when taking a break.

It comes in a sleeve with Velcro straps for attaching it to your buggy.

Packing strap

Fold your kite and strap it down. The Packing strap makes it easy to pack your kites small, ideal when traveling or carrying multiple kites.

Packing strap_