Clothing & promotion


The classic Peter Lynn hoody is the perfect piece of comfortable, after session clothing and now it has received some new graphics and colours.

The Hoody is available in Medium, Large, Xtra large and XXL in the colours: Apple green with white printing, Blue with lime print and Black with white print.



These T-shirts are available in three colours: blue with lime coloured print, grey with black print and black with a white print.

Available in the following sizes: Medium, Large, Xtra large & XXL.

Printing includes the standard Peter Lynn logo on the chest and the striped triscaly on the shoulder.


No better way to tell the wind direction than with a genuine Peter Lynn windsock!

The windsock is made out of ripstop nylon that lasts, it is fitted with a glassfibre ring that keeps it in shape It has little weight attached ensuring the topside is up and it has a swivel to prevent tangles.



Show your presence with a flag.

This 150 x 100cm flag is available in black and red.

Also looks good covering your rear car window if you don’t want people peeking in.

Beach Banners

Make yourself visible on your kite spot by putting up this large (5 meters high!) beach banner, perfect to mark your kite camp for your friends to find you.

The Beach banner is available in black and red and in two different packages;

The standard banner comes with a glass-fiber rod and a wooden groundstake.

The high end version comes with a luxury bannerpole and a groundscrew.



This huge tent creates a nice shady area when the sun shines and it’s water repellent if it starts raining.

It measures about 12 meters in diameterĀ and is very easy to set up, even by just one person.

This high quality tent can withstand windspeeds up to 25kn, we’ve tested!

Tent package_low

Stickers & decals

Pimp your kiteboard, landboard, helmet, car or anything else you can think of with a sticker.

Peter Lynn brand stickers are available in various sizes ranging from small stickers with a clear backing or big car/board lasercut decals.

Available colours: White & black.


With a new logo comes a new keyring.

Hang this one on your keychain and let everyone know you’re a kiting rockstar!