7 Reasons why you need the Aero V2
Posted on: May 23rd, 2018 by Roy van Baarsen No Comments

The second generation Aero has been expected for a while and since the first prototypes were spotted in the hands of some expert riders the forums lit up with rumour and gossip.

For those who want to know what’s what we present the 7 most important reasons why you want to fly Aero V2. Number 6 makes the difference between a trophy or a goodie bag.

The smoothest wing

To create the most aerodynamically efficient wing our designer stepped beyond the possibilities that specialized CAD applications for designing kites and paragliders offer. The result of escaping convention is a work of art that, compared to other kites in the market, is ahead of the competition. Ahead in the technical design of the wing and its internal construction. This results not only in a smooth and highly aerodynamic wing but also in a highly stable wing both in flight and in terms of dimension.

The speed you need

Next to board control, racing strategy and quick tacks, speed is the biggest determining factor when it comes to competing on a high level. There is no such thing as a slow kite at the pinnacle of competitive racing, yet with the Aero you can rest assured that your kite will not be the limiting factor.

Comfort to enjoy the ride

While high performance racing was a clear design goal, equal attention went to making the kite easy to use and comfortable to ride. Whatever you ride you want your focus to be on the ride ahead without having to worry about your kite. The Aero has a very wide wind window and remains highly stable at the edges. The Aero responds immediately to your steering input with an incredibly fast build-up of flying speed while keeping the sideways pull to a minimum. Making it easy to get up on your board and up to speed quick without putting too much of a strain on your legs and arms.

Agile and manoeuvrable

The Aero’s steering is precise and responsive, adding to depth of performance and the pilots sense of absolute control. The kite’s turning speed allows for fast and powerful downloop gibes which add to the intensity of flying a high performance kite even more.

The power of the kite is precisely regulated by pulling the bar, the more you pull the bar, the more power it delivers. From that little bit extra you need to switch stance while tacking or gibing to an explosive boost for some serious hangtime. This dynamic and responsive power regulation allows you to push speed and downwind angle to endlessly addictive levels.

Insane riding angles

The Aero V2 is tuned as sharp as possible without sacrificing stability. Positioned at the edge of the window the kite delivers thrilling speed and an hard matched upwind drive. You, and more importantly; your competitors, will be surprised about the up and downwind angles you can ride at. This enables you to ride more strategically efficient.

The Aero’s high Aspect Ratio and high cell count make for a very thin and slick wing. The high cell count prevents deforming of the designed wingshape. The High Aspect ratio makes the kite cut upwind like a knife and allows for high flying speeds. Each cell has its own aspect ratio to make the wing as efficient as possible and create a highly dimensionally stable wing.

Large windrange

The Kite’s handling feedback and responsive steering add to a feeling of control throughout the entire range giving the Aero a large and balanced ‘sweetspot’. Built with only high-tech, ultra-light weight materials the Aero performs in the lightest of breezes, yet it’s sophisticated design and large depower range assures you remain in control when the wind picks up.

To accomplish maximum performance across the entire range of sizes we do not believe in scaling up or down. That is why each individual size has its very own design parameters, cell count and Aspect Ratio, this ensures optimal performance in each size as well as synergized handling, feel and balance across the range.

Those extra couple knots you need

Sometimes you just need a few knots extra to take over the guy/gal ahead. To give you the edge you need the Aero V2 has been built with a clever and efficient trailing edge construction. This trailing edge construction minimizes turbulence with built in mini ribs. These ribs have been sewn onto a seam that curves into the seam of the adjacent rib, effectively removing a potential weak spot and ensuring a strong construction. To make optimum use of the mini ribs, the Brake bridle point have been moved forward to create a flap, this flap allows you to position the kite with more precision and thereby vastly improving the kite’s up & downwind performance.

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